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We are here for you and your family to help train babies and toddlers to sleep through the night.

Contact our professional and certified staff for a customized program for your household. Let our experts set your child's sleep soundly and give you the skills to do the same with confidence.

There is an overwhelming amount of books, blogs, techniques and philosophies on getting babies to sleep. We will help you create a system that meets your needs.

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Getting started

Establishing the understanding and groundwork for a restful night's sleep is our goal.

During the first meeting, parents and the consultant agree to a contract for the length of our services. Most parents start with a contract for about two weeks.

The consultants are assigned to your home for 24 hours each day to tend to the child and work with you. Being in the home environment is important to establish consistency, room for your child's growth and to meet your emotional needs as parents.

Newborn care

We have extensive expertise in caring for delicate newborns. We not only take care of newborns and give parents much-needed rest and recovery time, we also help them understand all the things that go into taking good care of your newborn, so you can be assured that your baby will grow and thrive.

Our newborn care is not just babysitting, it is extensive care and training so parents can understand the unique needs of their baby. Why is the baby fussing? Is my baby feeling sick? How can you calm a colicky baby? Is the baby eating enough, or how can I get him to eat more?

Everything from all-night care to washing and sterilizing bottles, helping mothers learn to breast feed, and teaching your baby to soothe themselves to sleep, newborn care is comprehensive care – for the whole family.


Caring for one baby, let alone two or three or four at a time, can be exhausting and overwhelming. We can be there to help ease that burden and get multiple babies to feed and sleep on the same schedule.

We are there to not only help get your babies on a schedule, but also teach their parents how to manage ongoing care for their children.

Special needs

We have extensive experience caring for babies with special needs – preemies or babies who need heart monitors, breathing monitors, or feeding tubes. These infants are especially vulnerable and need very vigilant caregivers who can stay up all night and all day to ensure their safety and well-being. Our specialists are trained to look out for signs of illness, to calibrate their feedings, to monitor their growth, and to look for any indications that the baby might need medical attention.

We are there, at their bedside, to make sure they are safe and that their parents can rest, assured.

Sleep training

Every parent knows the importance of sleep – that is the number one disruption parents experience after bringing their precious baby home. It can also be dangerous; should a parent who hasn't gotten a full night's sleep in months be on the road? Lack of sleep can also exacerbate post-partum depression and lead to tension in the home.

Our expertise is in training children who might only sleep a couple hours in a stretch, to sleep through the night – often in a matter of several days!

The sleep training regimen entails looking at the child's sleeping, napping and eating patterns and adjusting them so they get the sleep they so desperately need in order to thrive. Some children need to learn to self-soothe, a process that can involve a little crying at the beginning. But usually within a matter of days our specialists are able to teach them this valuable skill, which lasts a lifetime.

We help make it easier

Many parents lead high-pressured professional lives. Sleep issues from new children can sometimes cause interruptions to your busy lifestyle.

We understand the pressures not only in your home but also in your careers and social lives. In other words, the demands of any modern family will not cease with the arrival of children. All of this has made it more critical to find smart, viable solutions when your child won't sleep on a set cycle.

We are certain to find a caring, safe, easy-follow-solution for you.

Our founder

Mariama Sarr’s clients call her “the baby whisperer” for her ability to calm even the most colicky or medically challenged baby. She is also an expert sleep-trainer – a Godsend for sleep-deprived parents! Under her meticulous care, babies that had trouble sleeping more than two hours in a stretch can – often within a week – be sleeping nearly through the night.

Sarr, a native of Senegal, believes that a personalized regimen of eating, sleeping, and playful time is critical to help newborns learn to grow and thrive. All babies are different, but Sarr has the answers for what works for every baby – and she spends a great deal of time educating parents about how to care for their child.

Even after she leaves a home, Sarr is a resource for parents whose babies sleeping and eating patterns change.

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Become a Newborn Care Specialist

Training available in Washington, DC area! (En español)

Enter a fulfilling profession giving growing families the support and care they need. Educated NCS are in high demand. Learning NCS skills can elevate your career.

Diverse backgrounds. No prerequisites.

There are no prerequisites to train and become a Newborn Care Specialist. Our specialists come from many fields and backgrounds including:
  • Childcare (nanny, daycare or preschool services)
  • Medical professionals
  • Mothers
  • Child development
  • Postpartum doulas

Expand your existing credentials!

And the following experts can enhance their careers by becoming Newborn Care Specialists. Make yourself stand out if you are currently a:
  • Newborn Care Specialist (and need additional training)
  • Daycare worker
  • Nanny
  • Doula
  • Registered Nurse
  • Interim Permittee Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Lactation consultant
  • Night nurse
Our instruction will give you the expertise and confidence you’ll need to join this rewarding career.

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Conviértete en un especialista certificado en el cuidado neonatal/enfermera de bebés!

Entrenamiento disponible en el área de Washington, DC! (In English)

Entra a una profesión gratificante dando a las familias en crecimiento el apoyo y la atención que necesitan. Hay una demanda. La compensación es muy competitiva.

Fondos diversos. No hay requisitos.

No hay ningún requisito previo para entrenar y convertirse en un especialista del cuidado neonatal. Nuestros especialistas provienen de varios campos, entre los que se incluyen:
  • Guardería (niñera, guardería o servicios preescolares)
  • Profesionales de la medicina
  • Madres
  • Desarrollo del niño
  • Doula de postparto

Amplíe sus credenciales existentes!

Y los siguientes expertos pueden mejorar sus carreras obteniendo la certificación de especialistas del cuidado neonatal. Hazte destacar si actualmente ya eres un:
  • Especialista en el cuidado neonatal (que necesitan certificación)
  • Trabajador de guardería
  • Nanny
  • Doula
  • Enfermera registrada
  • Enfermera autorizada provisional
  • Partera
  • Especialista en lactancia materna
  • Enfermera noche
Nosotros te ofrecemos la experiencia y la confianza que necesitas para unirte a esta gratificante carrera.

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What is a Newborn Care Specialist?

A Newborn Care specialist is someone who has training and experience taking care of babies. Many new parents try to read books on babycare to educate themselves. But there's so much conflicting information, some of which might not apply to your baby, and it simply cannot stand in for hands-on experience using hundreds of techniques.

Like, what, you might ask? Swaddling, for example, must be done tightly and securely and it is helpful to use certain blankets. Proper burping techniques (and there are many) can alleviate pain from acid reflux or different kinds of gastro-instestinal pains. Bathing a newborn properly and at the right time is also a painstaking process that can help babies avoid rashes and irritation. Although a Newborn Care Specialist is not a medical certification, he/she can help educate parents on matters like breastfeeding so that, for example, mothers can avoid problems like mastitis.

What kind of qualifications does he/she have?

Newborn Care certification requires at least 1,800 hours of experience for the basic training. Some of our specialists have many thousands more hours of experience. At RestAssured BabyPros, we do our own training as well, so the specialists also receive on-going education and training.

When should I sign up for newborn care, and when should it start?

RestAssured advises getting help as soon as you come home with the baby/babies. It can help post-partum recovery, especially following a C-section, and starting early helps parents learn about proper baby care and get their babies on a feeding schedule that is healthiest for their child. However, parents can also contact RestAssured about sleep-training for an older child. We suggest you let RestAssured BabyPros know about your anticipated needs in advance, especially if you're expecting multiples. But if you have a special needs infant like a preemie, or your child is having difficulty sleeping or feeding, contact us at any time.

What is sleep training, how does it work, and why is it important?

Any parent can tell you that the key to enjoying the newborn experience is how much rest you're getting. At RestAssured, we believe this is not just a matter of enjoyment, but also a matter of health and safety. A tired parent is likely to make mistakes, or become depressed. A working parent or parents with older children need sleep to function in their daily lives.

Babies also need lots of sleep in order to grow and thrive. There are many schools of sleep-training, and RestAssured BabyPros takes an approach that we believe, in the aggregate, minimizes the crying and any other bedtime drama. At its core, our sleep-training strategy involves a regimen of proper eating, napping, and stimulation during the day, and one of our specialists monitoring their sleep patterns at night so that your baby will sleep 8 to 12 hours at night after the training is complete.

How long does sleep training take?

This can depend on the age, weight and disposition of the baby, but RestAssured has trained children in four days to several weeks. Newborns and preemies are not considered ready for sleep training, but our specialists can help develop a healthy schedule for them so that parents can maintain some predictability in your day.

How much will RestAssured BabyPros' services cost?

This varies on the length of service and the number of hours each day, as well as how many children need care. RestAssured can offer hourly, weekly, or even monthly rates. We also can travel with you, to make sure that you can enjoy your vacation or ensure proper care during business travel. To make sure you know who we are and understand what we do, we request to meet you at your home, or via video chat such as Skype. This initial consultation is free and does not involve any commitment. We believe our specialists' training exceeds that of other baby-nurse services, but our rates are competitive and consistent with a very high level of service. There is a one-time administrative fee of $250, and, once contracted, we also request a deposit that will apply toward your final bill.

What does having a Newborn Care Specialist in my house entail?

At RestAssured BabyPros, respect for our clients' privacy and comfort is a very high priority. Having a specialist in your house should feel like the opposite of entertaining a houseguest; we are there to help you and your baby, and will otherwise retreat to our private space. We know that caring for a baby also means taking care of any number of related tasks, and we are extremely thorough about doing that so you do not have to.

What if, after the contract is over, my child's sleep patterns change, or if I have other questions?

A change in sleep patterns is to be expected as children grow, but RestAssured BabyPros can help you “troubleshoot” those problems and help you get back on track. The bottom line is, RestAssured BabyPros will continue to be a resource to you. We often field questions from clients via email or text message, and are happy to respond to those without any extra charge. Our Web site, is also itself a growing resource, with information on breastfeeding, newborn care, and sleep training posted online. Also check us out on Facebook, or subscribe to our newsletter!

How many specialists will I need for multiples?

Generally, for twins or triplets, only one specialist is needed. More than three babies requires more specialists.

What sort of special-needs babies has RestAssured BabyPros worked with?

We have cared for preemies, babies on heart and breathing monitors, babies who have difficulties eating (acid reflux, feeding tubes), and colicky children. Our specialists are trained, but are not medical professionals and may not be RNs or LPNs. However, we will administer medications as instructed by a doctor and document that in a daily log.

What about travel?

We are based in the Washington DC area, but have clients who either live or travel all over the country and even internationally. We are willing to travel to you, or to travel with you to help you care for a baby during a vacation or a business trip. Please contact us and let us know about your needs and we can let you know how we can help.

What if I want to talk to someone who used RestAssured BabyPros in the past?

We have dozens of former clients and fans who are willing to act as a reference. Also check out our testimonials online at

What her clients say

January 16, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as a reference for Mariama Sarr who took care of my son from October 7, 2009 to October 17, 2009, and from August 19, 2010 to August 22, 2010.

I would strongly recommend Mariama to any parent of an infant. Her commitment to her work is unparalleled. She has a true passion for taking care of babies, apparent to anyone watching her at work. Mariama has a deep intuition about newborns, in addition to being adept at caring for older babies as well as both new and experienced parents.

She is extremely discreet, and helps everyone adjust to the new responsibilities, joys and challenges of parenthood and infancy. Mariama quickly helped our twelve-week old son establish a healthy sleep and feeding routine, allowing for some predictability in our lives and restoring peace to our household so that he could thrive and we felt rested and better able to parent. She helped with all aspects of his well being, including the challenges of breastfeeding. Mariama consistently went above the call of duty. In the months after leaving our house, she quickly answered all of my questions via telephone, and was available for consultation. I know she filled this role for many other families.

She also travelled with us to a family wedding where she cared for our thirteen-month old son who had separation anxiety at the time, alleviating us of all of our worries about his adjustment. In addition to excelling at her work, Mariama continually seeks to better her skills.

My entire family is extremely lucky to have had Mariama in our house, caring for our first child. We hope she continues to share her good cheer, professional manner, and magic touch with those families blessed enough to have her for years to come. — Abigail B., Washington, D.C.

She is the most devoted, hardworking person I’ve ever met. The love she brings to the job of caring for babies and offering support to parents is beyond valuable. I literally thank Mariama every night I can put my son to sleep and he just rolls over and sleeps for the next 12 hours. — Yuki N., Bethesda, Md.

We hired Mariama to help sleep train our 7-month-old daughter. My husband and I were both back at work and couldn't afford to lose sleep for a week during the sleep training process. By night 3, our daughter was sleeping through the night. Mariama observed that our daughter was in fact hungry in the middle of the night and put us on a different eating (drinking) regimen for her during the two hours before bedtime so that she could make it through the night easily.

Mariama is totally dependable, trustworthy, and efficient. She communicates very well with her clients and gives advice in a thoughtful way. You will love Mariama and will love the sleep in your future! — Meredith L., Takoma Park, Md.

Mariama takes her job very seriously. She has been enormously helpful without being intrusive; she makes recommendations when asked or when she sees me struggling with something. She follows the mother's lead and does not impose her own style on you. She is a real professional and very knowledgeable. Her dedication to her job is a major asset.

Mariama is very proactive with our daughter's care. She noticed immediately our daughter's conjunctivitis when she was one week old and monitored her mild jaundice and reflux. For our daughter's development, Mariama played with her on the playmat, bouncy seat and swing. She also took her for daily walks, which our daughter loved. When I saw Mariama playing with our daughter, I witnessed Mariama's love for her. Seeing someone love your child is a special thing for a mother! — Anne E., Woodside, Calif.